Adélard Cloutier

Born in Napierville, Quebec, Cloutier settled on a dairy farm of about 400 acres in Crysler, Ontario. At the time, it was a very big farm. In 1938, he owned a 65-dairy cow herd and shipped milk by rail to Montreal from the Maxville train station. He also owned a sheep herd as well as stallions which he offered for rent for breeding, horses being vital to farmers before the advent of tractors.

Cloutier’s facilities were very modern, similar to the ones we can see today. He was one of the few farmers who owned registered animals. He also supported the development of agriculture in his region by putting his machinery to the service of his fellow farmers; he threshed grain, garnered crops, cut down firewood and cut ice on the Nation River during winter. This great visionary also worked at the construction of Hawkesbury’s new church, around 1925-1926, after the old one burnt down.