Gérard Savage

Ottawa and Countryside

Born on July 12 in St-Pascal-Baylon, Savage grew up on the family farm and was soon recognized for his focus on excellence both at school and at the farm.

In 1940, he married Jeanne D’Arc Vinette and embarked on a distinguished career in dairy production in the Hammond area. He was one of the first to raise purebred Holstein cows in the region, attending animal shows as far as Ottawa and winning numerous prizes.

Many still remember his famous cow named Bertha, who would receive a royal treatment in a separate pen because of her record production of over 100 pounds of milk! In 1958, Savage received the Hogg & Little Award in a grazing competition.

During his working life as a farmer, he was well known for his dedication to the 4H clubs, the Holstein Association which he served as the first vice-president, the plowing matches association, and the agricultural fairs. He also became the president of the famous Ottawa Farm Show for two terms.

However, in 1959, he had to give up active farming after a tragic road accident. Thereafter, he took a short course on weeds identification and control at the University of Guelph and became a weed inspector for the government in Russell County, a position he held for 24 years. In the meantime, he was an inspector and an assessor under the ARDA (Agricultural Rehabilitation and Development Act) from 1968 to 1976. He also was an animal and crop show judge.

His involvement earned him many awards. In 1976, he received the Harris McNish Memorial Award & Merit in Russell County, and in 1980, he was honoured by the Russell Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

In the community, his involvement was also fruitful. Savage was a builder, a founding member of the Caisse populaire, and a founding member of the Richelieu Club in Rockland. He also volunteered in the parish of Rockland, serving as the president of the Finance Committee for several years.

To him, politics represented another means to participate in community life. As such, he was a city councillor and the deputy mayor of the Clarence Township for 10 years.