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Agricultural Merit Award

The Agricultural Merit Award is a posthumous award that recognizes a person who has developped the agricultural sector and rural communities in french, in Ontario.  This prize is awarded annually since 1988.  It was created to publicly recognize men and women who have contributed in an exceptionnal way, to the growth, well-being and the quality of life of agricultural and rural life of franco-ontarians. 


Agricultural Community Builders and Ancestral Farms

The Franco-Ontarian Directory of Agriculture Builders and Ancestral Farms is designed to showcase the contribution of the rural and agricultural community builders of French Ontario, who consolidated the existing relationships between the members of the different rural communities across Ontario. It is now possible for everybody to find out about the history of their communities. Starting today, this directory offers a sustainable means to record the history of the Franco-Ontarian rural communities.

Yollande Laviolette

Yollande Laviolette

L'est de l'Ontario

Née à Lefaivre dans l’est ontarien, elle avait d’abord fait ses premières armes comme copropriétaire d’une ferme avicole à Carleton Place, à la fin des années 60. Après quelques années, dues aux difficultés pré-gestion de l’offre comme beaucoup d’autres fermes, […]

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This location map allows you to perform a geographic search in order to locate our Franco-Ontarian agriculture builders and ancestral farms over the territory of Ontario.

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This list gives you access to all the profiles of the Franco-Ontarian agriculture builders and ancestral farms of over three generations on the territory of Ontario. As well, you’ll be able to perform an in-depth search using the « advanced search » option at the top of the page.

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We are always looking for submissions for the Agricultural Merit Award.  To submit a candidate, please refer to the Contact page.

We also welcome information about other agricultural builders into the Franco-Ontarian Directory of Agriculture Builders and Ancestral Farms, as well as ancestral farms owned by Francophone families in Ontario.

For more information about the application process, please contact the communications agent at 613-488-2929 ext. 102 or  by emailing: [email protected]