Montcalm Romain Maurice

Born in Lafontaine on February 2, 1913, Mr. Montcalm Romain Maurice greatly influenced the rural life in his region. A fourth generation farm on the ancestral homestead, the Monpiero farm now has 1,000 acres and 130 dairy cows. Strongly-Minded, Maurice worked in politics for 47 years. At the regional level, he was a councillor, then a Member of Parliament and deputy reeve and reeve of the Township of Tiny, and reeve of the County of Simcoe. He was the first Francophone to hold this title. At the community level, he was a founding member of the local credit union and secretary of the high school board. Thanks to his dedication, the Georgian Manor in Pénétanguishene opened in 1957. A very active man always seeking to get to know and help other people, he even became a plumber to help out his fellow farmers.

With his wife Isabelle Robillard, they had seven children, including Pierre Paul, who took over the farm. Maurice passed away on July 18, 2002.